The mission of the Virtual Art Academy is to provide a flexible and affordable alternative to taking a degree course in Fine Art and Painting at a prestigious Art University or Art Academy.

The VAA is run by just two people: artist Barry John Raybould and his full-time assistant, Jacqui Seddon, together with the services of a contract programmer. We keep our overheads low and use a unique assignment-based learning model based on our custom-built Online Campus and our Visual Music & Poetry model. In this way you get four years worth of quality learning for about the same cost as traveling to a single week workshop with a professional painter. The program contains everything Barry learned along the road to becoming a professional artist.

Knowledge of how to make a good painting has been built up over many centuries. However, over the course of the 20th century a lot of important knowledge on how to paint was lost during the various modernist, abstract and conceptual art movements.

The  larger mission of the VAA is to capture all of this lost knowledge on painting and combine it with the latest discoveries in painting. And finally, to put it all in one structured knowledge base for posterity — the Virtual Art Academy® Reference Library. This is an ongoing project, and we are continually growing this Reference Library with the help of our members. By becoming a member of the Virtual Art Academy, members not only get access to this Reference Library, but get to become a part of this important ongoing project.

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School Info
Type: Online
Program(s): Full-time
Medium(s) Taught: Drawing, Painting
Instructor(s): Barry John Raybould
Tuition: $20 per month
Financial Aid: None


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