For several decades now colleges and universities throughout the U.S. have departed from a traditional approach to art education and have emphasized self-expression and theory over the development of realist drawing and painting skills.

In contrast, the Texas Academy of Figurative Art is part of a growing movement of private ateliers which offer education and training that is anchored in the timeless traditions of realist art while fully engaging in the contemporary realist movement. TAFA was founded in 2007 by Ron A. Cheek to offer an alternative art education to the local universities and colleges in the North Texas region. Our focus is specifically on education and training for artists who are interested in Classically based realism.

TAFA is the only academy of its kind in Texas that offers a progressive curriculum in figurative art – believing that visual art education should be built on a foundation of superior drawing and painting skills. We hold to the belief that realistic figurative art is the foundation from which to springboard into figurative compositions, still-life, portraiture, landscape and even non-representational art.

[Via Texas Academy of Figurative Art]


School Info
Type: Atelier
Program(s): Full-time, Part-time
Medium(s) Taught: Drawing, Painting
Instructor(s): Rob Cheek, Andrew Boatright
Tuition: $2,550 per term
Financial Aid: No


Contact Info
415 South Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
Phone: 817.727.2995


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