What is the Mentorship

Becoming an artist that get’s paid isn’t just about drawing good, it’s about becoming a professional. So that’s why we have PROFESSIONALS mentor you in all aspects of education you’ll need to become one yourself. We don’t just teach, we mentor. The information you’ll get is not just about how to design, draw, paint, and illustrate, but how to manage your time, finances, freelance, contracts, etc. It’s about knowing the industry, not spectating it.

What you will get from us

Video lessons are given to you once a week that will help guide you and give you objectives to help build your portfolio. The video lessons cover Design, and Painting.

Meeting up with the professionals brings value to our students. Being able to talk to them live, with live paint overs is essential to growth.

Two things you can control, quality of your work, and the people you make friends with. We make sure people have a great support system to push themselves and others to improve.

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School Info
Type: Online
Program(s): Mentorship, Tutorials
Medium(s) Taught: Drawing, Painting, Digital, Illustration
Instructor(s): Anthony Jones, Kalen Chock
Tuition: $500 – $1000 for mentorship; $20/m forum subscription; $5+ Tutorials
Financial Aid: No


Contact Info
Website: http://www.robotpencil.net/


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