Folio Academy provides art lessons for every age group in just about every area of the visual arts – beginners who have never drawn before and experienced artists who want to improve their skills and everyone in between. We have an ever growing compilation of video lessons from professional artists helping you with your craft by teaching you their secrets and techniques.

We created Folio Academy because we saw some problems with the way art is often taught. It’s no secret that educational art budgets are constantly being cut. Often students don’t even have art teachers at their schools. If you ARE lucky enough to have an art teacher at your school they often can’t teach the principles they would love to teach because art class is usually a dumping ground for the under-performing students. This brings down the quality of teaching in class and leaves the creative kids frustrated. Even if you are getting good art instruction you can now take advantage of a variety of professional successful artists teaching what they do best and giving you a more comprehensive art education. Over time Folio Academy hopes to assemble the world’s best visual artists from every discipline from gallery work to commercial art.

Often we are asked, “my kid is constantly drawing but I don’t know what to do with his/her talent?” Before we created Folio Academy we didn’t know what to tell them and this was part of the decision to create this resource. Now you can give your kids, grand kids, or even yourself the gift of high quality art lessons for a fraction of the price of private lessons or college classes. With an ever expanding selection of video courses you won’t have to wait to fit it into your schedule – just log on and get started any time. Another advantage of watching online courses is that the student can work at their own pace. They can watch as much and as often as they like, and never have to ask the teacher embarrassing questions if they didn’t understand something – just move the video slider back and watch it again!

To be fair, some have said, “You know you can just go on youtube and watch as many art videos as you want for free. This is very true but also an over simplified comparison. On free sites you don’t know if what you’re being taught is by someone who really knows their craft. If you do find an expert you often find out that the video is only a teaser to go to the artist’s site to purchase the full versions and most of the time you can’t really find the exact courses you’re looking for or you have to spend countless hours wading through the videos that aren’t what you were looking for or are poorly done.

We’ve come up with a solution that’s more effective than free sites and a tiny fraction of the cost of college courses. We’re not claiming that we’re a substitute for college classes in that we can’t offer one on one feedback and critiques of your artwork but our classes are definitely a good companion and in some cases better information than college instruction.

For the child, teenager, young adult, or adult you’ll be able to find courses that are designed for your level and experience at Folio Academy.

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Type: Online
Program(s): Courses
Medium(s) Taught: Drawing, Painting, Digital, Misc.
Instructor(s): Various
Tuition: Varies by course
Financial Aid: None


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