tigoboANIMATION is a french independant animation studio created by Reno Armanet and Flavie Darchen. Flavie’s background includes skills as a director and animator while Reno is a multi-talented artist with experience as a director, animator, visual development artist and music composer. In additional to his film works, Reno is an instrucror at the famous Gobelins & EMCA schools in France. He has also taught and lectured at CalARTS, Concept Design Academy and Gnomon schools in Los Angeles.

With tigoboANIMATION, Reno and Flavie have developed their own animation projects including features, short films and TV series. They have also created and produced live action films as well as documentaries from around the world.

tigoboANIMATION created tigoboSCHOOL to give students an opportunity to benefit from a very unique way of teaching. While “technique” will be taught, tigoboSCHOOL also believes in “growing” and “nurutring” each student’s unique personality and talent in order to “push” his or her own individual art beyond their wildest expectations.

tigoboSCHOOL, an artistic learning experience filled with the same exciting combination of skill and passion that Reno and Flavie have put into their own projects. At tigoboSCHOOL, passion is the goal. tigoboSCHOOL is led by Reno Armanet and Flavie Darchen. They are the primary instructors artistic directors of the school.


EXPERIENCE “ZE FRENCH TOUCH” SCHOOL AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO: Release your ART // Develop your CREATIVITY // Create and produce your own SHORT FILM // Be part of tigoboANIMATION’s projects // Develop your own PERSONAL CREATIONS // Participate in a UNIQUE SCHOOL & PHILOSOPHY of ART // Expand and develop your PERSONAL STYLE and PORTFOLIO


With tigoboSCHOOL, there are several way to learn. You can choose between 4 options, and combine it to best suit your needs and your availabilies.

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School Info
Type: On-site, Online
Program(s): Courses
Medium(s) Taught: Animation
Instructor(s): Reno Armanet, Flavie Darchen
Tuition: Varies by course
Financial Aid: None


Contact Info
Email: tigoboschool@hotmail.fr
Website: http://www.tigoboschool.com


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