Since the 80’s mr. Nerdrum has been running the Nedrum school with varying students in France, Iceland and for the moment; in Norway.

In 2013, The Nerdrum School was published by Orpheus publishing.
The book shows the school, a variable of older and more recent students’ work, as well as new paintings by Nerdrum.

Studying with Odd Nerdrum is better described as a cost-free workshop or a Renaissance school. Students engage in modelling and preparing canvases, and philosophy is often the daily conversation in the studio.

[Via The Nerdrum School]


School Info
Type: Atelier
Program(s): Full-time
Medium(s) Taught: Painting
Instructor(s): Odd Nerdrum


Contact Info
Turid Spildo
Rødvik gård
3290, stavern


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