We believe the best illustrators are a product of great ambition paired with diligent teaching and mentoring. Our career-focused approach to education is pretty simple: connect aspiring artists with the best illustrators in the game. During our 5-week bootcamp, students are exposed to an immersive educational environment that explores and maps out the secrets to the illustration industry. Our responsibility and mission is to shorten the gap that exists between the student and the working professional.

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School Info
Type: On-site, Online
Program(s): Workshops
Medium(s) Taught: Illustration
Instructor(s): Past instructors include Sterling Hundley, George Pratt, John English, Francis Livingston, Edward Kinsella, Jeffrey Alan Love, Jon Foster, Chris Payne, Gary Kelley, Mark English
Tuition: $4,900 (Full 5-week workshop)
Financial Aid: None


Contact Info

Website: http://www.theillustrationacademy.com


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