The Safehouse Atelier provides a specialized program of study that is heavily based on accurately understanding and representing the visual world and to take the knowledge gained from this study and apply it to work that is driven by the personal vision of the artist. Located in downtown Los Angeles, classes are taught in a workshop environment where studio practices are learned in a hands-on manner directly from instructors who work alongside their students to demonstrate how ideas and concepts are put to practical use. Beyond providing a strong understanding of the underlying principles of art, the Safehouse Atelier has the goal of being a place for painters, sculptors, designers, and draftsmen to meet and exchange ideas not only for their own personal growth but to contribute to the art community of the Los Angeles area. Lectures, workshops and exhibitions will be held throughout the year in order to provide a platform for artists and the public to engage with and inspire one another.

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School Info
Type: On-site
Program(s): Full-time, Part-time, Workshops
Medium(s) Taught: Drawing, Painting
Instructor(s): Carl Dobsky, Shawn Barber, Ramon Hurtado
Tuition: $700 per month (full-time)
Financial Aid: None


Contact Info
2047 South Santa Fe Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90021


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