One Master, eighteen students, a Rural Estate in a dream environment where to live and learn side by side. Tuition, full-board accommodation and rental car included. A rara avis experience you cannot miss…


Knowledge is the light men have been seeking since the dawn of ages. They’ve been guided by it. Like a lighthouse. Like a Pulsar. Like us. Menorca Pulsar periodically gathers great international artists in an inspiring spot, and offers Art Residencies to learn and live with them. A project of academic and human experiences.


Because we all want to be better artists. Because we all seek excellency. Because Art Residencies mean sharing not only knowledge but experiences, and not only with the Master but with many more artists who share your interests and needs. Because we’ve all dreamt with stopping time for a while.


Menorca Pulsar gathers for you the best international living Masters. Several points of view and approaches to drawing and painting. Different experiences to tell. Artists of all disciplines willing to share their knowledge for a few days with you.


At Menorca, a little island in the midst of the Mediterranean sea. Specifically at Mongofre Nou, a singular Rural Estate with a dream environment, former residency of an art mecenas, a unique fusion of art and nature. A peculiar time capsule where you’ll be immersed in a once in a lifetime experience.


Twice a year: April and October. Spring and fall. Two magical seasons in the island. Up to 4 artists per edition. Residencies up to 15 days.


Easily. You just have to select the workshop(s) you’re interested in, click Apply, fill the Reservation Form choosing your accommodation and other needs, and that’s it.

[Via Menorca Pulsar]


School Info
Type: On-site
Program(s): Workshops
Medium(s) Taught: Drawing, Painting
Instructor(s): Various
Tuition: ~ $1600
Financial Aid: None


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