Our Story
East Oaks Studio was founded by artists Louis Carr, Michael Klein, and Joshua LaRock upon a shared vision to chase after beauty and see it spread throughout culture. We are creating a video production company that will establish an online community which brings artistic experience, ideas and expertise into your studio. This platform will help guide you, wherever you are, along your artistic journeys.

Our Goals
Our central passion is creating our own artwork, but we recognize the effort of weaving art and beauty into culture is larger than any single artist or group, so we need to get as many hands, hearts and minds involved as possible.  In order to produce the amount of high quality content we are dreaming of, we have recruited an independent filmmaker, Joe Hawkins, to lead our video production.

Our video content guide you through the myriad of factors that shape an artist, not just the important technical aspects of understanding color harmony, value and form, or the illusion of creating space within the canvas, but also things like poetry, philosophy, and art criticism.

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School Info
Type: Online, On-site
Program(s): Workshops
Medium(s) Taught: Painting
Instructor(s): Louis Carr, Michael Klein, Joshua LaRock
Tuition: $590 per workshop
Financial Aid: N/A


Contact Info
Website: https://www.eastoaksstudio.com


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