What We Do (Our Mission)

As a web-based media company, the mission of Drawing Tutorials Online is to create easily accessible content, products and services that help small businesses, organizations and individuals create quality art.

1. Learn real drawing techniques in a step by step process.
2. Learn and understand how to design their ultimate lifestyle earning a living as an artist.
3. Helps artists to connect and collaborate with others through the internet.

Why We Do What We Do

1. We love old school and new school. We love being able to pick up a pencil and draw just about anything at anytime. We also love new technology. We love drawing digitally too. We are passionate about sharing our twenty-five plus years of experience working as a professional artist to enrich others.

2. We love freedom. There’s no greater opportunity in life than to be and become whoever you choose; to express yourself freely and fully; to impact the world in your own unique way; and to be compensated in equal measure to that impact. And that opportunity, we believe, is most readily realized through the skills you master and starting your own entrepreneurial venture.

Ten Things We Care About Most (Our Values)

1. Quality – High quality! No cutting corners.
2. Beauty – Adding beauty to the world. Helping others do the same.
3. Security – Owning our own business. Not getting laid off.
4. Growth – Life long learning.
5. Integrity – We follow through.
6. Focus – Focusing on what we are passionate about. No distractions.
7. Discipline – Setting our own sail.
8. Human Relationships – Teaching people to become successful.
9. Contribution – We are committing to giving back.
10. Chocolate and Espresso – It helps.

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School Info
Type: Online
Program(s): Courses
Medium(s) Taught: Drawing
Instructor(s): Matthew Archambault
Tuition: $19 per month, $147 per year or $247 per year with coaching
Financial Aid: No


Contact Info
Website: www.drawing-tutorials-online.com


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