Drawingforce.com is THE HOME of FORCE DRAWING. Watch Michael Mattesi, the author of the popular and inspiring FORCE books, instructor at major animation studios such as PIXAR and DreamWorks, show you how to use, understand and draw FORCE!  Are your drawings lifeless? Do you draw from life through the act of copying? Drawing is much more, a vehicle and language to understanding and participating with the world around you.

Enrollment in drawingforce.com gives you:

1. Learn what Michael instructs at PIXAR, DREAMWORKS and other major animations studios and schools

2. Access to the every growing library of more than 200 VIDEOS or 35 HOURS that describe how to use FORCE.

3. EVERY WEDNESDAY a new video will be uploaded and every month there is an interactive,  one hour LIVE video presentation.

4. If you miss the live FORCE event, you can view the recorded session later in the month!

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School Info
Type: Online
Program(s): Tutorials, Classes
Medium(s) Taught: Drawing
Instructor(s): Michael Mattesi
Tuition: $20 per month
Financial Aid: None


Contact Info
Website: http://www.drawingforce.com/


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