Successful commercial artists know objective critique is a vital part of evaluating and improving a portfolio.

Forget everything your mother told you about a college degree–in this field, your portfolio is the key.  Unfortunately, we aren’t always as objective as we should be when it comes to our own art, and our friends and family are even less so. In art school, among a small pool of budding artists, it’s difficult to judge how our work will stack up against some of the great talent in the world today.

Even if we can identify our shortcomings, figuring out how best to improve them can be difficult.  General art courses and video tutorials aimed at the masses can be very informative, but they don’t always address the areas YOU need to focus on.

Through Concept Critique, industry veteran Donovan Valdes offers aspiring artists an opportunity for one-on-one, personalized critique and guidance focused on their specific portfolios. Whether you need a comprehensive assessment, or guidance through a specific piece that’s giving you trouble, Donovan can help you push your art to the next level.

[Via Concept Critique]


School Info
Type: Online
Program(s): Mentorship
Medium(s) Taught: Digital, 2D
Instructor(s): Donovan Valdes
Tuition: Varies
Financial Aid: No


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