Chiaroscuro Studio of Art offers top level instruction in realistic painting and drawing. Our curriculum is based on the teaching method used by the famous classical-realist 19th century academies. We believe in the solid artistic basis this kind of training gives to the students, allowing them to achieve high standards of craftmanship and technical skills. Our teaching methods and techniques provide the tools that students can use to create their own contemporary work and develop a personal artistic language.

Our mission is to promote a return to discipline in the learning stages of art. By teaching traditional, time-tested methods, we guaranteed the aspiring artist with a strong basement in drawing and painting.They also learn all about materials, tips and secrets of the craft, and the way of developing the skills they need to build a high standard professional career in representational, figurative and realist art.

Our goal is to bring to Florida the same high level of instruction and training method our instructors received in Florence-Italy for many years, as well as to create a large and strong community of contemporary realist artists in the area.

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School Info

Type: On-site
Program(s): Full-time, Part-time, Workshops
Instructor(s): Milixa Morón, Elkins Cañas, Carlos Martinez León
Tuition$2,500 per trimester (full-time), $1,500 per trimester (half-time), $400 monthly (part-time)
Financial Aid: None


Contact Info
5961 NW 102nd Av.
Miami, FL 33178
Phone: +1 786.208.8607


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