Atelier de Brésoles offers the most comprehensive instruction in figurative drawing and painting available in Canada. Our program combines precise perceptual training and observation with structural, anatomical concepts of the body to give our students a thorough understanding of the human form.

Our instructors have learned drawing and painting techniques passed down through the academies of Russia, Italy, France, and the United States. In addition, our full-time instructors have earned both Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees in drawing and painting. We are carriers of a long tradition of figurative drawing, and base our atelier curriculum on this tradition. At the same time, we seek to balance traditional methods with a contemporary approach to figurative representation to give students the tools they need to arrive at a personal understanding of figurative art. Our courses utilize a variety of historical and modern materials. We teach students of all levels, and age 14 to adult, in a small-group setting.

All students begin their training at the atelier with a Cast Drawing course. Once students demonstrate proficiency in perceptual drawing, they may continue with other areas of study.

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School Info
Type: Atelier
Program(s): Full-time, Part-time, Courses, Workshops
Medium(s) Taught: Drawing, Painting
Instructor(s): Eric Mannella, Allana Benham
Tuition: $2,025 per 12 week session (full-time)
Financial Aid: No


Contact Info
50 Rue de Brésoles
Montréal, QC H2Y 1V5, Canada
Phone: 514-288-3772


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