The Academy of Realist Art’s (ARA) program is modeled on the 19th century atelier practices that were directly derived from the Renaissance tradition. This rigorous academy-style system stresses excellent draftsmanship and traditional oil painting techniques. These fundamental techniques are the backbone of all representational art. ARA trained graduates confidently overcome the most difficult projects in drawing and painting.

The principles taught in ARA’s programs provide the foundation for beginner and experienced artists alike to gain proficiency in any artistic pursuit of their choosing. Our individual classes are offered in a supportive group setting and have the following traits

  • the program is executed at the student’s pace
  • No portfolio or previous experience is required
  • techniques are taught in a step-by-step progressive fashion
  • flexible part-time classical drawing and life drawing programs
  • full-time programs NOW Available!

To augment the program, we also offer a number of popular workshops where participants can explore a wide range of subjects, mediums and ideas.

[Via the Academy of Realist Art Ottawa]


School Info
Type: On-site
Program(s): Full-time, Part-time, Workshops
Medium(s) Taught: Drawing, Painting
Instructor(s): Fernando Freitas, Matthew Stephen Collins
Tuition: $550 per month (full-time)
Financial Aid: No


Contact Info
2445 St. Laurent Blvd, Suite B244
Ottawa, ON K1G 6C3
Phone: 613.260.0483


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