3BOHEMIANS [legally registered as Bohemian Multimediais an animation and multimedia production established in 2005. We focus on projects in which strong emphasis is put on quality and effectiveness of a team work.

Since 2008 3BOHEMIANS have become providers of professional training in 3D animation under the name  ANOMALIA to support the regional talent pool by increasing the quality and expertise of 3D character animation, filmmaking and storytelling. The best professionals from the top world studios are invited to train young artists and animation students in the modern craft of 3D animation. Invited teachers have been from studios such as PIXAR, Disney, Blue Sky, LucasArts, Aardman Animations, VALVE, and others.


Each year, we hold a series of high-end animation (computer based) courses to support local artists and professionals in their struggle to constantly grow in a hard and challenging animation industry. Animation is hard. To survive as an animator in a very challenging global industry, one needs to always grow and get better.

We provide such intensive and dedicated opportunity to take long steps forward for animators from the industry or aspiring junior animators, but in a shorter time then other means available (such as self study, learning on a real project, online schooling, classical degree programs). Why we help you advance faster? Because our setting is an isolated, beautiful place, inspires people, is dedicated and very intense, only time for animation and fun. And the best animators love to come annually to experience it and help animators as well.

Come and join us, and the best professional animators will help you become better faster. Work hard and study while enjoying lovely summer with the like-minded people and top artists from best studios in the world. There is no other place like Litomysl. There is no other program like ANOMALIA.


  • Support an increase in the competitiveness of the modern 3D animation in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe following the rich tradition and history of the classical school of animation
  • Initiate the development of partnerships (co-production) and development of specific projects on an international scale, especially in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Long-term support for the professionalization  of experts in the field of animation in order to increase capacity and competitiveness in international projects
  • Project development, which is by nature of the craft a creative stage where even experienced professional artists have to improvise, make errors to learn from and experiment with various techniques, concepts and styles. In other words, project development is by any means also a training – learning scheme.


  • ANOMALIA is a professional training in 3D animation serving young artists and working professionals since 2010 as an exclusive opportunity to upgrade their artistic and technological skills in the are of modern animation filmmaking and art.
  • ANOMALIA hosts the best professional artists from the industry and studios such as PIXAR, Valve, Aardman Animations, Blue Sky Studios and others.
  • ANOMALIA takes classical foundations of Czech animation and brings its tradition into the 21. century.
  • ANOMALIA has been selected by a server Animation Career (US) as TOP 100 best animation schools in the world

[Via Anomalia]


School Info
Type: Online
Program(s): Courses
Medium(s) Taught: Animation
Instructor(s): professional artists from the industry and studios such as PIXAR, Valve, Aardman Animations, Blue Sky Studios and others
Tuition: Varies by course
Financial Aid: None


Contact Info
Email: team@anomalia.eu
Website: http://www.anomalia.eu/
Budějovická 73
140 00, Praha 4
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 724 091 762


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