The American Academy of Art was founded in 1923 as a school preparing students to become professional artists.  Classes have traditionally placed an emphasis on drawing and design based on the classical academic tradition.  We are home to a distinguished faculty committed to providing our students with artistic skills and Knowledge of contemporary tools and techniques.  Today, the American Academy of Art continues to build on this strong reputation of educating successful professional artists.

Our curriculum is based on developing strong foundational skills and knowledge from which students can improve their abilities as they complete challenging projects of progressive difficulty.  The Academy offers nine Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programs in Illustration, Digital Illustration, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, 3-D Modeling/Animation, Life Drawing, Painting and Photography.

All students start their training with the Foundations Program.  The Foundations program helps students to develop the core skills of the visual arts.  In fundamentals of Art and Life Drawing, students learn figure drawing, composition, rendering, linear perspective and color theory.  A variety of materials and techniques are introduced in these courses.  Class projects give students experience in the full artistic process – from concept to sketch to thumbnail to finished work.

We include a core of Humanities and Sciences courses as an essential component of our curriculum.  We realize that a well-rounded knowledge o other disciplines of human achievement can fuel a more diverse approach to artistic thought and expression.  Our Humanities and Sciences classes prepare students for negotiating the professional world with strong critical thinking, assertive problem solving and clear communication skills.

The Academy is proud of the success of its graduates.  Many of our alumni have established themselves in leadership positions in their fields.  In the years that our students are with us, we make every effort to equip them for rewarding careers where they can have a positive impact on their culture and community.

[Via American Academy of Art]


School Info
Type: On-site
Program(s): Full-time
Medium(s) Taught:
Instructor(s): Various
Tuition$15,900 per semester
Financial Aid: Yes


Contact Info
CHICAGO, IL 60604-4302
Phone: 312.461.0600


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