When I found out about Art Mentors my first thought was ‘I wonder if they’re going to release these videos on New Masters Academy?’

If you’re not familiar, Art Mentors is like the live, in-person/online version of New Masters Academy.  They host classes that last from a few days to ten weeks.

While there is some overlap between the classes on each site, Art Mentors’ offers the interactivity of a real classroom, whether you’re there in person or online.  Some of the teachers have yet to be featured on New Masters Academy–like Joseph Todorovitch–while others have recently been added to the NMA library.

The drawback is that Art Mentors is relatively expensive compared to NMA, though not when compared to the normal rates for similar workshops or classes.  Ten week, in-person courses cost $399, while online course cost $199.  NMA by comparison costs $420 for an annual subscription, or $40 a month.  It’s a trade off between having instructor feedback on one subject or having unlimited access to multiple subjects and instructors but no feedback.

For those not worried about getting instructor critiques, the recordings of the Art Mentors online classes are now being released on New Masters Academy.  The courses span ten weeks and are being released one week at a time, so it will take a while to have access to the full course.

In the mean time you can check out the lessons that are now available.  For me, it’s especially cool to see Mark Westermoe, who previously taught at the defunct Associates in Art, teach a class on the Reilly figure drawing method.  I’m excited to see what they release in the future.

Andrew Covington
Andrew has been obsessed with drawing and painting for most of his life. In 2014 he created the Art School Database. You can view his portfolio andrewbcovington.com

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