I find cool stuff all the time that I’d like to share, but don’t have the time to write a full page article about.  Below I’ve listed some of the things I’ve come across during the past week.

Savvy Painter Podcast

Antrese Wood is a former art director for Disney’s videogame division.  Since she quit her job several years ago she has moved to Argentina, started a Kickstarter campaign to fund her plein air painting project, and created the Savvy Painter Podcast where she interviews artists and marketers.  She always manages to get interesting guests, the most recent of which is Ann Gale, someone who’s paintings I’ve admired for many years.

Check out the podcast here.


Action Adventure Cinematic Storyboard Workshop


Steve Ahn is a story artist who has worked on projects such as Voltron: Legendary Defender, The Legend of Korra, TMNT, and Ben10.

Right now he’s running a 25% off sale on his Gumroad shop.  The sale includes his course ‘Action Adventure Cinematic Storyboard Workshop.’

Use the code HAPPYJULY4 checkout.


Paint of Persia


If you’re familiar with the original Prince of Persia computer game you might know that its creator Jordan Mechner used footage of his younger brother to create the running, jumping, and climbing animation for the main characterPaint of Persia is a new tool that makes the rotoscoping process a lot easier, as long as you’re making pixel art.

Download it here.


Andrew Covington
Andrew has been obsessed with drawing and painting for most of his life. In 2014 he created the Art School Database. You can view his portfolio andrewbcovington.com

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