I find cool stuff all the time that I’d like to share, but don’t have the time to write a full page article about.  Below I’ve listed some of the things I’ve come across during the past week.

The Foundation Group

I’ve known about the Foundation Group for awhile but I’ve never known where to put it on this site.


It doesn’t fit into any particular category.  It’s online, but as far as I know, there’s no central hub site that brings everything together.  Instead, it’s spread across several platforms: Patreon, Gumroad, and Facebook.  It’s an interesting approach and it seems to be working for them.

The team behind the Foundation Group is made up of John Park, Matthew Zikry, and Daniel Park.

It’s worth checking out if you’re interested in concept design.

A Primer on Pictorial Composition

Artist Anthony Waichulis has been writing a multi-part paper on one of the more contentious subjects in art education: composition.

So far it’s turning out to be a thorough examination of the subject, and explains the biological underpinnings of the assumed “rules” of picture making.

Check out parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 and keep an eye out for further entries.


Portraits in the Wild

James Gurney is releasing “Portraits in the Wild” today.

If you haven’t already watched his previous “In the Wild” videos (watercolor, gouache, fantasy) or any of his other videos, you definitely should.

Also, his blog is a treasure trove of information.



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Andrew Covington
Andrew has been obsessed with drawing and painting for most of his life. In 2014 he created the Art School Database. You can view his portfolio andrewbcovington.com

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