This site started out as a bookmarks folder in my web browser.  I would come across a website I found interesting, read through it, and not trusting my brain to remember the url, I would bookmark the page.

After a few years that folder had a lot of bookmarks.

Eventually I decided to organize all this information in a Google Docs spreadsheet.  I was going to leave it at that but around that time I decided I needed to learn web design.  Using that spreadsheet as a basis, I decided to create an online “database” of art schools, websites, tools, etc.  The only other site like this that I knew of was the Art Renewal Center but since their focus is entirely on classical drawing and painting it didn’t cover all the things I wanted to.

So I made this site.

Where to Start?

If you’re a student looking at attending art school

The “database” part of the site is made up of lists of the physical, brick-and-mortar schools and the online schools, courses, and tutorials.  If you’re looking for a place to study then you’ll want to check these out.  You can sort through the entries by location, subjects taught, tuition, and what type of program the school offers.

If you want to explore other artists’ work

I’ve made long lists of past and present artists.  It’s unlikely you won’t find something of interest to you.

More to come

ArtSchooldb is still a work in progress.  If you have suggestions that you think might improve the site you can contact me and let me know.

Andrew Covington
Andrew has been obsessed with drawing and painting for most of his life. In 2014 he created the Art School Database. You can view his portfolio

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